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Get a Quick Hassle-Free Auto Loan For Your Money Troubles


Getting a loan from a bank or other lending institutions is a stressful task for many. You usually have to undergo a lot of background checks, possibly wait in a long line, and have a good credit score in order to get loan  approval. This can be very tiresome and mentallly exhausting. Even if you manage to pass through all these steps, you may end up with strict loan terms and loan conditions that require compliance at the highest level. In many cases, a loan application gets rejected due to a low credit score leaving the borrower disappointed and frustrated.  

Canadian Title Store is the best alternative lending source for all your instant cash needs. We provide a quick hassle-free auto loan which helps you in obtaining funds with ease. 

All you need to prequalify for our auto title loan is your fully paid vehicle with registration and insurance documents in your name. The loan amount will depend on the equity value of your car and its overall condition. We keep the title paper of your vehicle in exchange for the funds we lend to you. You can still keep driving your vehicle without any restrictions for the whole duration of the loan. We aim at providing you with the best car title loan experience in the most to make it easy for you to get some money in the hour of need.

How Are Auto Equity Loans Helpful?


  • INSTANT AND CONVENIENT: We believe in providing instant funds. You can get cash quickly on the same day within hours of loan approval provided you meet the required criteria. The whole process of approval and obtaining funds is very convenient, hassle-free and easy!.
  • NO CREDIT CHECKS: In case you have a low credit score, there is no need to worryy since we do not consider it while approving your request. The  important factors we look at is your vehicle and condition. There are also no minimum job requirements that need to be fulfilled. Even if you do not have a fixed source of income, you can easily get funds based on the value and condition of your car.

  • COMPETITIVE INTEREST RATES: We provide the most competitive interest rates in the industry which will  help you make the best  decision to apply for a  loan. Our payment system allows you to take a loan with affordable payments.
  • NO EARLY PAYMENT PENALTY: You can repay your quick hassle free auto loan at any point of time, even before the maturity of the loan term. We won’t charge a prepayment penalty for this. You can repay the loan in full and walk away with your vehicle title documents.
  • KEEP YOUR CAR: We keep only the title document of your car as collateral. Your car is required only at the time of inspection for evaluating the loan amount. Once done, you can keep your car and continue to use it for the entire loan tenure

 To Qualify For The Loan, You Must Have:

  • Fully paid for vehicle no older than 10 years
  • A lien free vehicle title to your car
  • Proof of permanent residence (piece of computer-generated mail)
  • Vehicle registration papers in your name
  • Vehicle insurance papers in your name that include collision and comprehensive
  • A valid Canadian driver’s licence
  • A second set of keys to your vehicle
  • Proof of legal age as per your province

Application Process:

We have made obtaining a vehicle collateral loan very easy. All you need to do in order to get quick funds is to apply online or call us, and complete the easy paperwork. Once the documents are submitted and paperwork signed, you can drive  away  your funds and your car within a few hours. 

Steps For Applying:

  • Call us and talk to one of our loan agents to know the process of getting a car title loan in detail.
  • You can also fill out our application form online and provide you car details:  year, make and model, odometer reading, along with a valid email address and phone number where we can  contact you.
  • We will then ask you to bring in your vehicle for evaluation to  one of our local offices 
  • After the paperwork is verified and your vehicle has been inspected, we will shortly  approve your loan in no time. You can then drive off with your funds and your vehicle.

Call us (toll free) 1-844-512-5840 for  more details about our quick hassle free auto loan by talking to one of our loan agents. You can also visit our website to apply online.

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minimum credit score loan

How To Get A Minimum Credit Score Loan? 


Sometimes, life can play games with you and throw you in situations where your finances fall short of  your requirements. You may also  find yourself stuck in some other problems where  your savings won’t suffice. The insufficiency of funds can be for various situations like overdue debts, insurance, rent, medical bills etc.. An emergency loan pops up in your mind to cover up for all the needs as a first option Seeking   money from your family and friends  repeatedly isn’t a popular option or even ideal. And don’t even think about going to the bank expecting an immediate loan approval and loan disbursal. Banks  have their own procedures in place and can take a good amount of time to process your loan request. So what options do you have? It is a tough job to look for a loan, when you have a bad credit score. It can create serious troubles for you to get instant money. However, there’s a solution! Canadian Title Store is here to serve you with a minimum credit score loan to help you get out of financial woes.  

Get Quick Funds Anytime

To solve your money related problems, you can use your vehicle title papers to obtain a guaranteed loan from us. We provide you with the most convenient and affordable solutions to get  you out of your difficult times. We offer a same-day cash loan with competitive interest rates. You don’t have to worry about submitting your vehicle with us as collateral. You just have to bring in the vehicle for inspection and necessary documents, and leave the rest to  us. Your car title must be free of any kind of liens and from financial obligations . Your vehicle should be in good condition. Usually a new vehicle that is also in good to excellent condition  usually means it is higher in equity value  and that usually means a larger loan amount approval . 

Can A Bad Credit Score Affect Your Chances in Borrowing Money

Whenever you knock on the door of any financial institution to obtain a loan, your credit score is the  basic factor  that’s taken into consideration before the loan process even begins. Your loan application has a higher chance of facing  rejection if your credit score  is low or bad. . With us, you don’t have to bother about credit score nor worry about your credit history. We offer secured car title loans and accept all types of credits. We do not consider your employment as a requirement for the loan either. If you have a lien-free vehicle title, we will y pre-qualify you for the next step in the loan process. And don’t worry, loan approval is done on the same day of the loan request and cash is handed out to the customer within hours of approval

Get Instant Approval For a Minimum Credit Score Loan

Here at Canadian Title Store, it doesn’t matter how you’re going to use the loan funds. It is your cash, so you can use however you choose to spend it.  s As long as you have the ability to pay back the loan, we are here to provide you with the same-day cash. We give out loans with instant approval especially  for those  with  bad credit, who likely would have been rejected by the bank. Make sure to make your  loan payments on time  and try not to miss any  payments.   

Get The Best Financial Solutions

To help you understand the loan requirements, our professional loan agents will gladly provide all the information and loan  details to you. Do not hesitate to ask questions to help clear out  any doubts you may have. In addition, you can check out  our customer reviews and testimonials. . Whether you are employed or not, we’ll definitely find the most convenient and low-cost cash solution for you of  up to $60,000.  

To Qualify For The Loan:

  • You must have a vehicle which is no older than ten years.
  • You must have vehicle registration and insurance in your name.
  • You must be of a legal age in  your province.
  • You must have  a valid Canadian driver’s licence.
  • Provide  proof of permanent residence
  • Insurance papers should have collision and comprehensive insurance   in your name.
  • Your vehicle title must be free from all types of liens or any financial obligations.
  • Provide a  spare set of  vehicle keys that work on the ignition and all doors.

Connect with us today and get  approval for a minimum credit score loan. Contact us  by calling (toll-free) (1-844-512-5840) or visit our website to apply online.

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