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Up To $60,000 Loan – Get Money In Minutes Using Your Car

Approaching a bank or a lending institution is a daunting task for many. A lot of background checks are involved and you have to wait for days and weeks to get the approval. It is also mandatory to have a reputable credit score. This can be very exhausting and time-consuming.  Bank loans also have strict rules that a borrower needs to adhere to. Most of the time, the application faces rejection due to poor financial history of the borrower leaving him  disappointed and helpless. Canadian Title Store is a great lending source if you want to borrow up to $60,000. We can help you get money in minutes through a quick hassle-free auto equity loan

All you need in order to apply for the loan is your fully-paid vehicle along with registration and insurance documents under your name. The loanable amount will be calculated based on the equity value and overall working condition of the vehicle. We only keep the car title and not the vehicle itself. You can still drive it even while you make the monthly payments for the loan. 

How Is Auto Equity Loan Helpful?

  • Instant And Convenient: If the borrower meets the criteria and submits the required paperwork, he can get instant funds. The loan process is convenient, keeping in mind the urgency of the situation.
  • No Credit Checks: As long as your vehicle is in good condition, and has a good equity value, you can easily get the loan. We won’t ask for perfect financial records. 
  • Competitive Interest Rates: You can compare our interest rates with other lenders in the industry and you’ll find that we provide this loan at very low interest rates. 
  • No Early Payment Penalty: To clear off the dues in one go, you can make an early payment and finish paying your loan before the maturity date.
  • Keep Your Car: Just bring your car once for inspection and you can take it home along with the loaned money. You can still use your vehicle within the duration of the loan.
  • Easy Paperwork: With a few basic documents you can get the instant cash and solve your financial problems. All you need are the following:
  1. Fully-paid for vehicle that’s not older than 10 years
  2. A lien-free vehicle title of your car
  3. Proof of permanent residency (a computer-generated mail)
  4. Vehicle registration papers under your name
  5. Vehicle insurance papers under your name that includes collision and comprehensive insurance
  6. A valid Canadian driver’s licence
  7. A second set of keys to your vehicle
  8. Proof of legal age in your location

Apply Today

Call our (toll-free number) at 1-844-512-5840 for more details and get money in minutes. You can also visit our website to apply online.

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Get Easy Finance Using Car Title Loans

How To Get Easy Finance Using Car Title Loans










Title loans have been around for a while now. People use the title of their homes, vehicles etc. to get the money they need for various needs. Through this blog you’ll get to know Car Title loans and everything about them. Getting easy finance is not a big deal as long as you know where to get it from. People go for unsecured personal loans and end up paying higher rates of interest. 

Instead, if you apply for a car title loans from Canadian Title Store you can easily get up to $60,000 against your fully-paid vehicle. It can either be a car, truck, SUV, MUV, motorcycle or any other vehicle. Use the equity value of your car to get the loan that will help you overcome your financial struggles with ease. Keep reading to know more about our title loan process.

The Requirements

Before anything else, know about the requirements in order to apply for the loan. 

  1. As the name suggests, for a car equity loan you need a vehicle. It should be free from all financial obligations, i.e. there shouldn’t be any liens, loans or finance on it. Also, it shouldn’t be older than 10 years. The model of the car has to be 2010 or newer than that. 
  2. You should have proper registration papers of your vehicle under your name(borrower). 
  3. The vehicle should be completely insured i.e. it should have both collision and comprehensive insurance. 
  4. You need to have a proof of permanent residency of Canada. You also need to submit a computer-generated mail of any utility bill as a proof of address.
  5. A spare set of keys to the car will have to be submitted along with the title papers. There’s no need to surrender the car with us. We only hold on to the title papers of the car during the loan term. As soon as you complete your loan payments, we will release the title papers. 
  6. A valid Canadian driver’s license of the borrower is also mandatory in order to apply for a car title loan.

Now that you know about the paperwork needed to apply for a vehicle collateral loan, let’s move on to knowing how to apply for this easy finance option. 

  1. Log on to our website and fill out a basic application form. Fill up your details like your name, email address, car year, make and model. Hit the submit button.
  2. The form then reaches us and we start processing your loan request. We prequalify you on the basis of the car details you provide us with as long as they match the criteria. 
  3. Bring your car for the inspection process to our store nearest to your location. Here along with the inspection of the vehicle we also verify your documents. 
  4. As soon as we approve your loan, we disburse the loan funds as well. All of these happen within 24 hours of you applying for the loan.

You can call us at 1-844-512-5840 or apply online.

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Pay Your Pending Bills Using Auto Title Loans Online

Discover how an Auto Title Loans Online can prove to be the best option for you when in need of immediate funds. Pay your bills, manage your expenses efficiently and get rid of unnecessary stress.

Taking a Loan against Your Car Title

  • In a car equity loan, you give the title documents of your car as collateral in exchange for funds. 
  • You don’t have to go through a lengthy, complicated process. This means an easier application and approval process is all it takes.
  • You can still borrow even if you have a bad financial history because it doesn’t matter for us. This is why it is also known as a bad credit auto loan or no credit check loan.
  • Unlike banks, your spending is not cross-checked by us, which means you can use your money as you please.

How to Get a Car Title Loan?

Canadian Title Store wants to make it easy for you to borrow cash against your car title. In this regard, the application and approval process is made very convenient for you. You can apply by through any of the following methods:

The entire process is fast and reliable. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you the whole time. Your vehicle will be inspected and after the loan approval, you can drive off with your cash. You will get your cash the same day!

Minimum Requirements to Become Eligible:

The best thing about an auto title loan online is that you are not burdened by complicated paperwork. Unlike banks, the requirements are extremely few.  We understand that financial emergencies can arise at any time and the situation can be very stressful. We want to make your loan experience hassle-free and your life better. 

These are the documents that you need before applying for the loan:

These are all you need to apply. You will be able to get the funds that you are able to become eligible for after the evaluation and submission of these documents. The amount of your loan depends on the equity value of your vehicle and its current condition.

Application Process:

What’s more convenient is that our loan process is 100% online. You can apply for our loan with just a few clicks on your mobile phone or computer.   

Step One – Apply For Title Loan Online

To get started, simply fill out the online form. We will only ask for important information and thus it would just take a few minutes to complete.

Step Two – Assessment

Once you’ve submitted your application, our team will start processing it immediately. The main aim of our title loan is to provide you funds immediately so that your urgent financial needs can be met. Thus, our team will determine your eligibility for the loan and inspect your vehicle as soon as possible.

Step Three – Money

If you’re approved, you’ll get the funds within a few hours. You can then take your ride home along with cash.

Call us at our toll-free number 1-844-512-5840 to know more or apply online!