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Christmas Loan – A Car Collateral Loan For Your Financial Needs

Now that Christmas is around the corner and so is the new year, everybody is looking  to have a great  time with their family and friends. Buying presents, cooking delicious meals  and decorating the Christmas tree , is something many people  enjoy. With all this, the expenses can get a little difficult to handle. But there is no need to worry, Canadian Title Store has just the thing for you. Get a Christmas loan using your vehicle as collateral, and obtain the cash you need! A car collateral loan is  going to help you in your cash crunch and without wasting a second. When we talk about loans, quick approval is a distant dream while dealing with a bank or a traditional lender. But with us, you get the approval for your loan request on the same day of applying. Nothing can be better than this! 

How Does A Christmas Loan Help You Get Cash Online?

By using your car as collateral you can get instant cash which you can use to fund your immediate requirements. You can take this loan to pay your overdue utility bills, credit card bills, Christmas presents  or spend it on urgent house or car repairs, etc. A car title loan is also known as a low monthly car collateral loan,This is because of the convenient  low monthly instalments that you  make in order to pay  the loan money back. Apply  online or  talk to one of our loan agents to start  the process.  

Benefits of A Car Collateral Loan  

Get Fast Cash

You can get instant funds for your financial needs. Minimal paperwork means fast and quick loan approval!minimal paperwork.

No Credit Checks

Our Christmas loan comes with no credit checks. You simply  use your car as collateral and without having to store it or surrender your vehicle to get the loan. You can also get a loan with a bad credit score  because it is secured against your vehicle, not your credit

Keep Your Vehicle

You don’t need to worry about surrendering your vehicle. You can keep your vehicle  and drive it as normal during the loan term.

Competitive Interest Rates 

Canadian Tile Store offers the lowest interest rates in the car title loan industry. The monthly installments are easy  to manage without having to make major adjustments to  your budget.

Flexible Repayment Plans

We offer flexible monthly repayment plans which help you pay back the loan as your convenience.

No Prepayment Penalty

If you wish to close the loan out before the loan term ends, you can do so by making an early payout. There are no penalties or fees for doing so! 

No Job Requirement

When  applying for a car collateral loan with us, you do not have to provide  proof  income or job details. Even if you are in between jobs, you can easily apply for a  loan. 

What Do You Need In Order To Get The Loan?

All you need in order to apply for the loan is:

a. A fully paid for vehicle that’s no older than 2010(car model year)
b. A lien-free title to your vehicle
c. Proof of your legal age as per your province
d. Vehicle registration & insurance papers in your name
e. Spare keys of the vehicle that work on all doors and ignition
f. Valid Canadian driver’s license
g. Proof of permanent residence

Christmas during COVID-19 times can be a little challenging to celebrate, but we must try our best to spread as much happiness as possible. 

Apply for your loan now. You can call us at (toll-free) 1-844-512-5840 or fill out our application online today!