Get Quick Approval for Bad Debt Score Auto Loan

Feb 19, 2021

Are you going through a financial crisis? If your answer is yes, you might want to think of some quick solutions which can bail you out of your financial struggles with ease. Thinking about getting a short term loan? If you have a good financial record, you may proceed with a bank loan and wait for the money to be disbursed in a week or so. Banks and traditional lenders do not provide loan services to people with poor financial history. They have stricter terms and conditions of eligibility for loans. 

If you own a vehicle that is not older than ten years, you can borrow money using that. Use your vehicle as collateral and apply for a Bad Debt Score Auto Loan. Some people take a step back upon hearing about borrowing money from private lending institutions. This is because they have a misconception that they will have to surrender their assets to these private lenders as security. This is why most people ask for money from their family and relatives. However, opting for a car title loan can be of great help to you. 

How Are Bad Debt Score Auto Loans Beneficial?

Auto loans are quite beneficial since the loan process is convenient and you can get the loan amount within a few minutes of getting approval. The paperwork is also minimal which makes you feel comfortable and stress-free. Let’s have a look at the benefits:

  1. No employment details are required

At Canadian Title Store, we do not need your permanent income source to get approved for a loan. The loan only uses your vehicle title papers to help you get the money you need.  

  • No financial history checks

Auto title loans are secured loans and require only a lien-free title of your fully-paid vehicle. This is why lending institutions do not run any financial history checks. Anyone who has a poor debt score or no financial score can also apply for a loan. That’s why it is known as bad debt score auto loans.

  • Low monthly installments

We offer vehicle title loans at the lowest interest rates. The rates are the industry’s best and are affordable. Thus, our monthly installments are quite manageable. 

  • No prepayment penalties

Another benefit of our loan process is that you can close your loan account any time you want. We do not impose any restrictions and also, you’ll not have to pay any prepayment penalties. Make an early payout whenever you can and finish paying the loan earlier than the deadline.

  • Long loan terms

We do not want our clients to feel pressured by the hefty monthly installments of the loan. Our loan term can last up to four years so that you can easily manage paying back the amount. 

  • Keep your vehicle

You do not have to surrender your vehicle to us within the loan period. You can collect the money after getting approval for the loan and drive away with your vehicle.  If you are facing financial problems, you can apply for bad debt score auto loans and get rid of them. You can call us at 1-844-512-5840 or apply online.

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